Usurpation Forces Edit

The Usurpation Forces are a high tech race accidentally found by the human.

- On a Space ship called Savannah Love. A group of marines find a unknown ship with high-tech weaponry on its front. The group of marines went inside to ship to take the high-tech weaponry back to earth but accidentally set off a distress signal that sent the lead the Usurpation straight to earth. The Usurpation main goal is to take over earth resources and in slave its people.

Images (3)

Minor Usurpation Soldier - The lowest rank which also has the lowest health.

Usurpation Soldier (Major)

Major Usurpation Soldier - Higher rank than the Minor, and has more health.

Advanced Usurpation Soldier

Advanced Usurpation Soldier - More health than the Major, but by a small amount.

Usurpation Destroyer

Usurpation Destroyer - Highest rank and also has the highest health. This unit also has slower movement speed than the other ranks but carries a heavy weapon set.