Automatics Edit


3398 VDMR Assualt Rifle - A standard weapon for the human military with a staggering 55% Damage when set to Armor Pershing rounds, and can ripe through tight metal and, can rip easily through skin.


Assault Rifle C-01r - It has mediocre piercing power, bad to excellent accuracy. Has an amazing rate of fire that put Usurpation assualt rifle to shame


Alien Rifle - A special rifle with extremely high accuracy and penetration, a very low rate of fire, and incredibly high damage for a rifle weapon. 

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M4A1 - A gun found in an old factory dozens of years ago. Has high damage but a hard recoil.


Minigun C-02m - A large gatling gun-type weapon with a very high rate of fire (comparable to C-01r), very high damage, and good penetration. Unfortunately, it has the worst accuracy of any rifle.



H- APR10 - A shotgun with little recoil but a huge death factor. Used mainly by the rebel faction and the human military. Uses x10 Armor Pershing rounds able to make a body fly back.


Alien Shotgun - Rapid-firing Usurpation Forces' weapon. The rate of fire is identical to that of the Alien Rifle, and it shoots two moderately-high damaging projectiles per shot. It is more like a hybrid between Alien Rifle and a shotgun.



The Pistol C-01p is a powerful high-damage, high-penetration pistol.


A pistol that is a bit like a railgun and has a fast rate of fire. The weapon shoots rails and has no penetration.