The Usurpation Forces are a high-tech race, that fights the human on there planet, the usurpation where accidentally discovered when a human ship went inside the Usurpation forces old ship and set of a distress signal. This distress signal sent a large amount of electric waves allowing the Usurpation to find earth and now the Usurpation are fighting earth for its resources and to enslave mankind.
  • Minor Usurpation Soldier - The lowest rank which also has the lowest health.
  • Major Usurpation Soldier - Higher rank than the Minor, and has more health.
  • Advanced Usurpation Soldier - More health than the Major, but by a small amount.
  • Usurpation Destroyer - Highest rank and also has the highest health. This unit also has slower movement speed than the other ranks but carries a heavy weapon set.